How to make your room Way Trippy.

How to make your room Way Trippy.

Bob, our fellow Gwazorpian Alien, is going to teach you how to Make Your Very Own Chill Crib, that will make You Stand Out from the Crowd.


There are Two kinds of people in the World.
People that ALWAYS have their friends over, and people who ALWAYS go to their friend's place...
If you love having your friends over, this is the post for you!

1. Trippy Laser Projector
Somehow, many people aren’t using this…
Unless you’re a loner like me (no shit I'm an alien), let me ask you a question? How many friends' houses have you been too, that displays an awesome disco light?
… Exactly, NONE
Not only great for parties, especially if you love throwing parties, but disco lights also are great when you chill.

You too can choose a more mellow one from our selection for extremely laidback times.
Whether you are more party, or more laidback, get a disco light of your choosing that displays your personality, and I promise you your friends will constantly mention how cool your crib is.

Trip City Trippy Disco Light LogoHow To Make Your Room More Awesome & Sicker Than All Your Friends! By Trip CityTrip City Trippy Disco Light Logo

2. Black Lights
Again, name me one friend who has black lights in his home… NONE.
Thought your black lights are only for nightclubs and glow in the dark parties? You thought wrong.
Black lights can surely up the SWAG and WOW FACTOR to your crib, by making all things in your crib Glow Up like Edward from Twilight. 
Moreover, if you love throwing parties, I swear that you will produce the MOST UNIQUE and SPECIAL party that your friends will ever witness. (Will be writing an article on that)
Be sure to add trippy posters to emphasize the power of black lights, which brings me to my next point.

Black Light Room Trip City
Black Light Room Trippy City

3. Black Light Posters/Accessories
I don’t even need to talk much about this. Everyone loves a cool-ass looking poster. 
Moreover, it aids our black lights, since it will legitimately GLOW UP like Kylie Jenner after puberty when our black lights are turned on.
Also, glow in the dark accessories, such as Glow Paint, Glow in the dark stars will also look amazing, as long as you have a Black Light!

black light poster trippy

4. RGB LED Strip (Red, Green, Blue, Purple...)
LED strips are amazing wonders for a chill crib.

Its Hip its Cool, and the name says it all… It will make your date Strip after you bring them home from a night out.

You can put it under your bed... You can put it on your wall... You can put it under your couch... You can put it in your pool... Too Much For Now! Will be making a separate Blog Post on this (:

LED Strip Trippy Light
How To Make Your Room More Awesome & Sicker Than All Your Friends! By Trip City

5. Tapestries

Some of you readers may say “What? I have a princess room, a tapestry wouldn’t suit.”
Just like Disco Lights, each tapestry style has its own personality, which compliments differently styled rooms.

Due to our WIDE selection of tapestries, we can find the tapestry that will make your room chiller than Antarctica
If you want to look like a SUPER CHILL lad or gal, a tapestry may just be the right fit for you.

How To Make Your Room More Awesome & Sicker Than All Your Friends! By Trip Citytrippy tapestry trip city

6. Fairy Lights
Don't let the name fool you... When you enter a room with Fairy lights, you literally feel like you're entering a Trip City!
Instead of using it only Christmas, with the high flexibility of fairy lights, you can place them anywhere or around anything, and it will literally make anything Super Chill

e.g. Put it around a Jar and...
How To Make Your Room More Awesome & Sicker Than All Your Friends! By Trip City
BOOM! Even your plant will be thanking you for his new chill home.

There are 2 different fairy lights (a) Plastic (b) Wire
Based on your personal preference, you can design your fairy lights in many ways!

How To Make Your Room More Awesome & Sicker Than All Your Friends! By Trip City
How To Make Your Room More Awesome & Sicker Than All Your Friends! By Trip City

Vonleus (Thank you) very much for reading and hope you learned something new! If interested, Shop for our Awesome Trippy Products @

Trippy Laser Projector:
RGB LED Strip: 
Fairy Lights:

I will be writing more blog posts such as our different trippy lights and what’s the best fit for you!
Same for the tapestries.
To get updates on our future postings, or secret discounts that no one else will know about, please take the Ticket to Trip City by signing up for our email.
Also, for any blog or product requests, please email and we will get back to you shortly

Best Gwazorfa,
Bob the Alien


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