Psychedelic Lotus Illusion Lamp

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Trip City's Illusion Lamps provide an Euphoric Ambience that will add Cosmic Elegance to your desk, or your bedside table.
Turn your dull room into a Galactic Wonderland that you are Proud to Show Off!

When you turn on Trip City's Color Changing Illusion Lamps... BOOM! The world starts spinning around you, and you suddenly have tons of friends. Why? Because of the insane 3D effect our Illusion Lamps give!

Features: Multicolored, 3D.

Colors Emitted : Red, Blue, Green, Purple, White, Warm, Yellow, Grey

Plug Type: USB Plug

Size :
 Approximately 16x20CM

-3 months warranty
-Defective products will be refunded immediately!

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