DISCO MADNESS Laser Projector

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These lights are banned in Gwazorpia because it made Gwazorpians party too much. 
If you are a student, be ready to fail school.
If you are a working adult, be ready to just be an adult.
If you are an elder, be prepared to be a child.
If you are a club owner, be prepared to lose money.
Because these lights will make You Party at Home All the Time!

1. Partying at home alone
2. Partying at home with friends
3. Partying at home with your dog
4. Partying at home with your parents

Plug Type: (US, EU, UK, AU) plug types would be sent based on location of order unless stated otherwise

Comes With: Laser Projector, Plug, Remote, Stand, Manual
(Remote does not come with CR2025 battery) 

Remote Controls: (Extremely Useful)
- Auto vs Sound Activated
- Change Speed
- Remove Different Lasers (e.g. Remove Green/Remove Red)
- Remove LED (LED good if you are afraid of the dark - But Way Trippier without)
- Change Mic Sensitivity
- Different Play Modes

**Off the blue light with the remote for an even more intense visual experience**


-6 months warranty
-Defective products will be refunded immediately!



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