Euphoric Dream Laser Projector

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Gwazorpians created this light because sleeping pills were killing to many Gwazorps. 
Time to save your cash on em sleeping pills and join the Trip City Crew, in order to have the Chillest Time of Your Life! #CHILLERthanANTARTICA

1. Chilling at home alone
2. Chilling at home with friends
3. Chilling at home with your dog
4. Chilling at home with your parents

Plug Type:  (US, EU, UK, AU) plug types would be sent based on location of order unless stated otherwise

Comes With: Laser Projector, Plug, Stand, Grass Pitch

Additional Info: Can be used as both Indoor and Outdoor Light!
Can be attached either via
(a) The Outdoor Grass Pitch, OR
(b) The Mini Stand


-6 months warranty
-Defective products will be refunded immediately!


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