Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

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In this Largely Industrial World, humans have rid themselves of Mother Earth's landscape, where Trees have become Paper and Forests have become Cities. 
Wanting to bring the Beauty of Nature back to humans, Bob the Alien set on the task to mine these Beautiful Salt Rocks from the Himalayas, so that you can take a piece of Mother Nature back to their bedroom!

 Health Benefit Feature: 

  • The heated Himalayan Rock Salts will release Beneficial Negative Ions in the air, that are helpful in transforming the Earth's Polluted Air into Pure, Natural Air, just like the Himalayas!
  • With laptops, phones, and other devices consuming our everyday lives, these Rock Salts help to suppress the harmful radiation it brings.

Material: 100% Natural Rock Salt 


  • Warm White
  • Cold White


-6 months warranty
-Defective products will be refunded immediately!