Kinetic Sink Light

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Bored of your ordinary toilet? Transform your toilet into a Chill Oasis, by copping Trip City's Kinetic Sink Light!

Our Sink Lights are Environmentally Friendly!
It does not require any external batteries or electricity. Instead, it runs on the Kinetic Energy of the water.
Hence, our light will automatically light up when your tap is switched on, turning your stream of water into a beautiful waterfall of light.

Option 1: Intelligent Sink Light - Temperature Sensitive
Not only does our Intelligent Sink Light Illuminate 3 Colors, but it automatically illuminates the colors based on the Temperature of the Water! 

Blue is lit when Cold, (32 Degrees Celcius)

Green is lit when Warm, (33-41 Degrees Celcius)
& Red is lit when Hot! (42 Degrees Celcius)

Option 2: Multicolor Sink Light 
Trip City's Multicolor Sink Light Illuminates 7 Colors!
These 7 Colors are mixed displayed automatically when water flows.

These colors include: Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Turquoise, Yellow, Orange

Option 3: Blue Color Sink Light
Trip City's Blue Color Sink Light Illuminates only the color Blue!

What are you waiting for? 
Your ordinary toilet is only one bulb away from becoming something extraordinary!
Be the first among your friends to get yours & have the sickest crib ever.

Trip City's Kinetic Sink Light fits on Universal Standard-Sized Taps.
Hence, unless you have a special tap, our sink light will most definitely fit your tap.



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