Psychedelic Aurora Trippy Laser Projector

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A Gwazorpian named Danyon holds the World Record for (a) Opening his eyes for the longest time, 8.2 Years, and (b) Crying for the longest time, 4.7 years
For his first World Record, Legend says that it was because his eyes were completely glued on this Incredibly Trippy Lights.
For his second World Record, Legend says that he cried because his wife broke his light, as 'he never looked at her anymore'.

Say bye bye to paying USD $8.99/month on netflix, because there is something new you are going to be Binge-Watching. Perfect Substitute for Rehab


1. Chilling at home alone
2. Chilling at home with friends
3. Chilling at home with your dog
4. Chilling at home with your grandma

Plug Type: (US, EU, UK, AU) plug types would be sent based on location of order unless stated otherwise

Comes With: Laser Projector, Plug, Remote, Stand, Grass Pitch, Manual
(Remote does not come with CR2025 battery) 

Additional Info: Can be used as both Indoor and Outdoor Light!
Can be attached either via 
(a) The Outdoor Grass Pitch, OR
(b) The Mini Stand

Remote Controls: (Extremely Useful)
- Change Speed
- Remove Different Lasers (e.g. Remove Green/Remove Red)
- Timer

**Off the blue light with the remote for an even more intense experience**


-6 months warranty
-Defective products will be refunded immediately!




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