RGB LED Strip Light

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In Gwazorpia, it was increasingly hard for Gwazorp Males to get laid.
This is what made one Gwazorpian create the legendary LED Strip, which makes a room so much Cooler and Doper that, whenever a Gwazorp Female comes over, it will make her Gwazorp panties drop, hence, the name.
If you want your room to be like every Gwazorp's, Extremely Cool and Swag, purchase Trip City's RGB LED Strip!

1. Not Waterproof
2. Waterproof 

Emitted Colors: Red, Green, Blue... See Picture with Remote!
Comes With: RGB LED Strip, Controller, Power Plug

LEDs Number/M: 60 pcs/m

LED Chip Model: SMD2835

Power Consumption (W/m): 4W/m

Voltage: 12V

Length: 5-15m


-6 months warranty
-Defective products will be refunded immediately!

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