Tree of Life Necklace

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Our Tree of Life Necklace represents the Beauty of Mother Nature

The Probability of being born is 1 in 4 Trillion.
Even though we have already hit the biggest lottery in the World... LIFE, we still don't cherish it.
We spend many days of our lives in jealousy of others, and in sadness/anger over small matters. Although health is wealth, we spend our days killing our health, being overwhelmed with stress and sadness due to working long hours in a job we hate.

We who wear this beautiful tree of life necklace are extremely appreciative that we are alive right now, wherever we are at. We cherish all our happy moments, sad moments, and strive for our dreams because we did not hit the biggest lottery to live a life of sadness. We Bring Life & Positive Vibes Everywhere we Go, just like the Tree of Life!

Get this as a gift for yourself, or for a friend, as a Beautiful Reminder that we are blessed by the Tree of Life, so we shall not worry about small trivial matters and not live your Best Life.

Stand out amongst your friends and be the center of attraction wherever you go, by adding a touch of Nature's Elegance around your neck!

Pendant Diameter: 2.4 CM / 0.94 Inches

Length: 42 + 5.0 CM

Material: Premium Alloy, Crystal, Copper