Trip City Spaceman Necklace

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Trip City's Message to the World

"There are more stars in the universe than grains of sand on the world's beaches"

- Neil deGrasse Tyson

Since the Universe is so vast, anything we do is just a blip in the cosmic calendar. Yet, humans still take life too seriously. Humans are constantly closed-minded to new ideas, and wrecking their brains in disappointment over small, trivial matters that just ruins the beautiful present moment. Moreover humans are constantly doing what they're told, by living by the 'rules of life', that society deems as 'right'.

Bob the Alien, says f*ck that.

Wear Trip City's Spaceman Necklace as a constant reminder that the World is too vast to be unhappy. We, who wear this necklace strives for everything & anything that makes us happy.
We live the way we want to live, we say what we want to say, and we do what we want to do, because life is too short on this blessed Earth to be conforming to the laws of society.
We shall be like astronauts in the sky, a Free-Spirit floating in peace knowing that we are living our best life.

This Necklace is Out of this World! Get this as a gift for yourself, or for a friend, as a reminder to Live Your Life!

Material: Premium Stainless Steel

Pendant Size: 2.5 cm

Necklace Length: 50cm(20 inches), 60 cm(24 inches)