Trip City's Cosmo Universe Necklace

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Trip City's Message to the World

"We are part of this Universe. We are in this Universe. But perhaps more important than both of those facts, is that the Universe is in Us" - Neil deGrasse Tyson

The Vast Universe is the most beautiful thing in the Universe.
If that is so, shouldn't humans be beautiful too?

Although all humans are individually beautiful in their own way, many humans feel as though they have to behave in a "societal standard" in order to be acknowledged & loved by the World. Because of this, humans are constantly comparing themselves to others, affected by the "hate" and "doubts" of others.
These have caused humans to put up a "fake image" of themselves, displaying themselves in a way that society commands 'acceptable', resulting in them not being their true self.

Bob the Alien says f*ck the system.

Humans fail to realize that, what makes us beautiful, is being 100% authentically, and genuinely, ourselves. That means that we should do what we personally want to do, we be who we personally want to be, and we chase our personal dreams because that is the genuine us. We are appreciative of all the blessings we have around us because life is literally winning the biggest lottery.
Why? This is because we are all beautiful in our own way, just like the beautiful Cosmo Universe Necklace, which signifies who we are.

Trip City's Cosmo Universe Necklace is Out of this World! Our Necklace is a great gift for yourself, or for any loved one, as a constant reminder that we are beautiful just the way we are, no matter what the circumstance. Let the World know that you are a Free-Spirit that does whatever makes you happy because you are one with the Universe.

Material: Glass, Copper Alloy

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